Hi Tom, sorry but I wish you read it carefully first because in Step 1 it states that Quickswap may not have liquidity for your selected token. Also in step 1 I suggest using USDT, USDC or DAI because you will get some ETH Matic counterpart for free from QuickSwap. In step 2 I also give a link to this website that has mappings for coins from Ethereum to Matic network: https://mapper.matic.today/ to check what is possible on Matic network. So you would have to use Uniswap. If you do not want to bridge the tokens back to Ethereum mainnet, you can buy the large variety of more recognised projects there. For e.g. both SuperFarm and Bondly seems to be on a large discount right now and are available on the Matic network: https://mapper.matic.today/.

However, if you are adamant about buying Pika it seems that right now Uniswap is the only option because Pika Finance has not been bridged to Binance Smart Chain yet either. Let me know if you need anymore help

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