Hi Lucas, thanks for your comment!

Modefi is solving a unique problem here and let me explain why:

Chainlink is amazing because it decentralizes the governance/voting for the correct data for an oracle use case WITHIN their OWN network. But it still suffers from the problem of the Schelling Point Game. If there are 100 data providers in the Chainlink network, most of these providers will give the data that they think the other providers will give. It is possible that they know of a better data source but go with what they think will be the most "common". It is also possible that 20 out of these 100 oracles have better data than the other 80 but since the 80 will be a majority, the 20 will lose in this election and will also be punished for it by losing their deposit/penalty amount. Modefi aggregates over several oracle markets and not just Chainlink. This is also better for security reasons like a Sybil Attack. I can go more into detail on that if you like

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