Hi Jamie, you are absolutely right! The economics of a coin doing well is not 100% correlated to its fundamentals (just look at Bitcoin cash or Dogecoin 😂). However, the biggest Chainlink project right now is worth $11 billion. The second biggest UMA is worth $1.2 billion. The next 3 BAND protocol, Augur and API3 are all worth $100 million or more. Modefi is currently worth $11 million. If Modefi 100x’es it will be worth $1.2 billion. From my analysis and my understanding of the problem that they will be solving, I think this would be a fair valuation of the coin. I also don’t expect them to stay at this peak valuation but since the Altseason is just ramping up; I think this is a very reasonable price target for Modefi. But I must re-iterate; this is my personal analysis that I use for crypto, so far it has worked out for me but I’m not a professional financial advisor. So you do you! 💚

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