Hi @Hendrick, it is now up 40%. Time in the market beats timing the market. After my thorough research of not only the project's fundamentals but also of the team I believe in the project. Its market cap is currently less than $10 million. Whereas most top oracle projects are worth at least a few hundred million as you can see here: https://www.coingecko.com/en/categories/oracle. That is why even if the project goes down by 60% tomorrow I will still stand by my decision (and possibly buy more). Good projects take time to grow. But as long as the fundamentals and the team are good, I think you have nothing to worry about. But hey, you do you! I am not giving out financial advice & I honestly wish the best for your investing decisions too 💚

Talking about money, tech and how to make money from tech. Twitter: https://twitter.com/mfer4lyfe

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