Hi Everton, thanks for your comment! 😊 To be honest I don't think I know any exclusive BSC hidden gems. I really like PancakeSwap but that thing is already huge. Venus is also nice but somewhat big. I'm looking at KickPad because it is also a launchpad project on BSC and Launchpad projects are hot right now.

But btw - very soon I think fees will be less of an issue due to the upcoming Berlin hard fork on Ethereum.

And you do not need to go for exclusive binance smart chain projects, top coins that are on Ethereum mainnet are also on BSC now. For e.g. Superfarm is a project that I really like and they are now on BSC. Modefi is another one that is now on BSC that one I think has the best chances of a 100x (so much so that I wrote an article about it: https://medium.com/swlh/100x-your-money-with-this-cryptocurrency-3cab1c76f1db

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