An Undervalued DeFi Gem

If you’ve been following the Cryptocurrency space and have not yet noticed that we are in a bull market, you have not been following it close enough. Besides astronomical gains in Bitcoin (going from $3,000 to $60,000 in 12 months), Altcoins have also been doing really well. Not to toot my own horn, but I have 11x’ed my initial investment in cryptocurrencies.

Some might say I should cash in most of my profits. But instead, I’m looking for more opportunities because I know these huge gains come once in 4 years. This is because Bitcoin moves in 4-year cycles, its…

Hi Wesley, you would be usually right but here SwissBorg did not say that they give 25% APY, they instead gave the daily rate of interest. So they did not compound the interest for users as you can take your funds out any time. I apologise if I wasn't clear about that in my blogpost

Proven DeFi Gem

Normally, I would advocate to buy low, sell high. It’s classic; it works. It’s the fundamental of trading in any market; from commodities, stocks to crypto. If you are not doing this you’re losing money. And if you are consistently doing this, you will be sure to amass wealth. Thus when I write this piece, you will probably think that this is a case of “do as I say not as I do”. But I kindly ask you to give me 5 minutes to explain my point of view.

I wrote “100x Your Money With This Cryptocurrency” a few weeks…

With any amount of Money

Investing in cryptocurrency can be life changing. It certainly has been for me. It has taken me from being an average software developer in Munich almost to complete financial freedom. That is why I talk about it so much.

But before I even get into this. Let me put a short disclaimer. This article is for beginners. If you are already a seasoned crypto investor and would only like to learn about how to get your hands on the smaller cryptocurrencies, you should read; “How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies That Can 100x”. …

The Cryptocurrency Integrated Social Media

Social Media takes up a significant portion of a Gen Y/Gen Z’s time in a day. I know because I’m one. My younger brother is one. My girlfriend is one, most of my friends are too and I only expect the trend to grow faster. Most people have an Instagram or Facebook, and if you’re tech savvy you must have a Twitter; that’s where all the devs and crypto people are. There are people who owe their livelihoods to social media. But how does a typical social media influencer make money? …

Here’s what I Learnt


Roughly 6 months ago when I wrote this article, I sold all my stocks (even Tesla) and went all in, into crypto. I was already into the world of cryptocurrencies. I had started buying in 2018 and held all of my assets. But when I sold all my stocks and emptied my bank account by going all in on crypto, it really felt like something else. It was exciting but scary. In hindsight when I see that my initial investment has almost 10x’ed I am sure that I possibly made the best decision of my life. But at that time…

Save on Ethereum fees and be able to Invest more

After I wrote “How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies that can 100x”, a friend reached out to me just to complain about how much he’s losing out on Uniswap fees. With the recent traffic surge on the Ethereum mainnet, a trade below $1000 just does not make sense anymore, simply because of the fees you’d be paying. This alienates a lot of retail investors. DeFi has now almost become a place exclusive for whales with a much larger budget than the average retail investor.

What do we do about it though? So far we have been treating these fees like taxes…

Put in the Work and get Rewarded

Bitcoin has done more than a 1000x over the past decade. It will still grow and much faster than traditional assets like stocks but will it 100x from where it is over this year’s bull run? Probably not. Altcoins; that’s where the real money is. Altcoins stand for “Alternative coins”. Although they are much more of a speculative bet than Bitcoin, because some of them are currently so tiny in terms of their market capitalization.


Market Capitalization is simply the total value of the cryptocurrency. So for e.g. if coin XYZ is worth $10 per coin, and there are 200,000…

The latest trend in crypto. Get in while you can!

Mark Cuban, Chamath Palihapitiya & Gary Vee (in order); all are super into NFT’s now

The last year and a half have been revolutionary for crypto. Bitcoin has gained endorsements from Microstrategy CEO; Michael Saylor, Twitter CEO; Jack Dorsey, Hedge Fund managers like Raoul Pal, Paul Tudor Jones and most recently also been endorsed by the future president of humanity/Lord of the Internet/Tesla & SpaceX CEO; Elon Musk. All this is great. Bitcoin has grown from just being something that internet weebs participated in, to a legitimate bet against the US Dollar.

Bitcoin is now a trillion dollar asset. But what if you missed that wave? Or what if you are looking for the next…

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