The Next Big Investment

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Tesla stock for me has been a gift that keeps on giving. I have made some great profits on it and I’m sure if I continue to hold Tesla stock at its current price, I will still make significant profits over the next few years. Tesla is an amazing company with a visionary chief in charge — Elon Musk. If an election for humanity’s president comes along; I will vote for him. I am of course bullish on Tesla. Yet I sold all my Tesla stock. I also sold all my other stocks. I did not have a very diversified portfolio — I only held 3 companies, Tesla, Sony and Palantir; all in profits. There might be some volatility but it seems that the worst part of economic crash is over. USA and the rest of the world is slowly opening up and the economy is receiving helicopter money from central banks as “Stimulus”. With the US elections coming up, I am expecting more volatility but I think that after elections, stocks will continue to climb regardless of the election outcome. If Trump wins, stocks will rise because of corporate tax breaks. If Biden wins, stocks will rise because of more/higher Stimulus packages. So, if this is what I believe then why am I selling my stock portfolio? …

Should you buy or sell?

Anyone in the crypto space who’s not been living under a rock and ignoring the whole DeFi hype will know Uniswap. But what if you are that caveman hiding in your cave warming yourself with your bitcoin burns? Don’t worry I got you:

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange where users can swap any token that uses the famous ERC-20 protocol, used by Ethereum, USDT, Dai, AAVE, Binance coin etc. Uniswap makes it super easy to swap an ERC-20 token with another ERC-20 token with a few clicks by connecting your Metamask wallet to the exchange.

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Uniswap v2

Why UNI is important

Uniswap has become so huge that it has surpassed mainstream centralized exchanges like Coinbase when it comes to 24 hour volume. This is a huge feat! This means that us, the community, is preferring to use a decentralized solution instead of entrusting a centralized authority that demands fees from us simply for operating. But what are they providing us? If you have USDT and I have ETH. and I want to exchange ETH for your USDT and you want to do the same, what business is it to a third party? This is exactly what Uniswap provides us with, without any fees. And now this decentralized protocol has a governance token. That governance token is called “UNI”. …

Set up your own email server in minutes

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Sending emails to users is becoming an increasingly popular feature. Social media influencers are amassing their own email lists for future product sales and brands are doing the same to ensure they can stay in touch with their users and maintain brand awareness. There are many SaaS companies being created to help people automate email sending. However, they do cost a pretty penny for very little work.

If you are a developer with basic skills in Node.js or Python, why not leverage AWS to create this from the ground up fairly quickly?

The use case for an email server is generally quite different than for an application server. An application server, particularly for a large application, values running 24/7 so it can respond to user queries faster. However, sending emails is a very small functionality that doesn’t require any state and is needed to run “on demand” rather than 24/7. This ticks all the boxes for a serverless architecture use case. Additionally, if we leverage AWS, we can see how easy it is to create such an architecture. …

A harrowing personal story

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This memory is fresh to write about. It’s almost too fresh… I can still feel the burn of missed out profits simply because of impatience. As uncomfortable as it is, it would be too stupid to not write about it and force myself to analyse my mistakes and hopefully learn from it. Perhaps you can also learn from my mistake and not mess up the same way I did not too long ago.

“To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information. What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework.” …

Be prepared if you’re interviewing at Amazon

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Taken from here

The dreaded whiteboard coding interview. We all hate it, yet we all must face it.

It’s become the standard for companies to test a candidate’s programming prowess — especially for junior to mid roles. So, let’s sharpen up our skills and try one today.

Having spent time in several different countries, I’ve developed a strong network of friends in software-related roles in London, New Delhi, San Francisco, Chicago, Singapore, Berlin, and Munich.

On this occasion, I’m sharing something shared in my network — a question asked in an Amazon interview.


Given a staircase with n number of steps and provided you can only climb 1 or 2 steps at a time, write a function that returns the number of unique ways to climb the staircase. …

Don’t rush into a framework just yet

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For anyone who is OCD/nit-picky about stuff, here’s a disclaimer: I know that definitionOf('framework') !== definitionOf('library') however for ease of use, in this article I will use the words “framework” and “library” interchangeably.

The internet is filled with sub-Reddits, Twitter conversations, Medium articles and YouTube videos about JavaScript frameworks. All major companies use some sort of a framework or JS library to build the views for their web applications. And because of React Native and NativeScript, sometimes even their mobile application views are built with a JS abstraction layer! Currently there are 3 main JavaScript libraries/frameworks; React, Vue and Angular. This builds strong FOMO in developers who are trying to break into the software industry as front-end or full-stack developers. They want to get on the bandwagon and master one of these 3 ASAP. I understand if you feel the same way. Learning React, Vue or Angular will ensure that you can find yourself a full-time job or build yourself a modern web application for your startup. …

Stop doing tutorials and start building something real. You’re ready

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With the ubiquity of Udemy courses, YouTube tutorials, and Medium articles, the access to knowledge for a developer is amazing! This is what has enabled several self-taught developers to become full-time employees in the software industry or launch their own start-ups. However, the way a self-taught developer gains enough skills to earn a job or build their own project remains tedious. I taught myself programming and helped my brother and several friends on their journey, and I noticed that we all faced the same issue.

Impostor Syndrome

The lack of a formal structure from a college program has certain benefits but also some drawbacks. Many self-taught developers may think that they are not worthy compared to their colleagues with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in computer science. It sounds ridiculous just writing this. However, I noticed this with myself early on and have a suspicion that this is the case for a few of my fellow risk-taking, self-taught peers. I go into more detail about getting over the impostor syndrome in this article. …

Test your deployed React App every hour

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We have a lot of ground to cover in this tutorial so let’s get straight to it!


To have a front end test for our website that’s run every hour and alerts us of any failure on Slack.

Creating the React App

Create a new React project withnpx create-react-app periodic-testing.

I made a small adjustment to App.js — it looks like this now:

Writing a Test

To add a test to our application, let’s use TestCafe, an end-to-end testing tool. Since we only need this library for testing, we can add it as a dev-dependency with npm i -D testcafe.

Here’s what our basic test looks…

Let’s keep things cheap & simple with AWS S3

Firstly to deploy a React project, we must have a React project. The quickest way to create one would be:

npx create-react-app awesome-project

To create a build version for our application we can simply run npm run build inside our project. This will create a build folder in our project with an index.html file that we can use to host our project. Now let’s get AWS’ S3 sorted. If you don’t have an AWS account, you would have to create one here. Once you have an account ready, search for S3 in the AWS console services and click on it.

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AWS homepage

Creating a new bucket

Now on this page, we can create on the orange action button with the text “Create Button” to start creating a new bucket. We must pick a unique name for our bucket and also ensure that we uncheck all privacy settings, so the bucket is available publicly. …


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